The Sad Reality: Human Composting is Now Legal in New York 

It’s a sad day when legislation passes that allows for the composting of humans. It shows a lack of respect for values and traditions, and makes a mockery of the sanctity of life. This is not something that the average person wants. It’s just so much hype. We seriously doubt this will ever take off in New York. In fact, we’ve had families call us in disgust and panic about the bill’s pending passage. Perhaps New York’s Governor should have consulted with actual funeral directors, rather than a fringe group of crazies before okaying such a thing.

Articles about the passage of the law began to appear quietly on New Year’s Eve. The choice of such a day reinforced the shame of the news.

Composting humans is expensive, and the process is not transparent. There is no guarantee that the compost will be used to benefit the environment. It’s just a way to dispose of bodies without having to bury them.

No one knows what will happen to the composted human bodies. They could end up being used in agricultural fertilizers, or they could be used to fuel incinerators. Either way, it’s a disrespectful way to deal with human remains.

If you are considering composting your body after you die, think twice. It’s not worth the money, and it’s not worth the disrespect.

The New York Catholic Conference has long opposed the bill, and in a statement its executive director, Dennis Proust, stated that: “Human bodies are not household waste, and we do not believe that the process meets the standard of reverent treatment of our earthly remains.”

Or, as Doris put it in a recent interview: “…I never got anyone in 41 years who wanted to turn their mother into a tomato plant.”

And we’re certain we won’t.

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