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  • Dia De Los Muertos

    Dia De Los Muertos

    Dia De Los Muerto, the Day of the Dead, is a formal holiday celebrated throughout regions of Mexico where it originated from October 31 – November 2 (All Saints and All Souls Day), each year.  The funeral related industries throughout the world have started dropping the word “celebrate or celebration of life” to replace the…

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  • The Woman in The Iron Coffin

    There have been so many stories related to the discovery of a woman in an iron coffin this week.  Here is a link to one of those stories. Many have been fascinated by the fact that she was in nearly perfect condition; “She looked like she had been dead for a week, but it…

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  • Traditions


    This hearse represents a bygone era. One that many people miss. Today “dissing” tradition is the thing to do. It’s old, it’s NOT cool, it’s traditional. Modern is good if that’s what you want. I myself prefer a traditional, old fashioned home style. It feels warm and comfortable. It reminds me of my parents and…

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  • Death the Parisian Way

    Death the Parisian Way

    This was such a lovely article. The notion of keeping someone’s body until more people will be available and back from holiday and concerns about getting the ashes buried in a Paris cemetery with all the restrictions, make this a pleasure to read. #FuneralsMatter #DoingItYourWay @themortegirls

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  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins

    Alexandra Kathryn Mosca, and Doris V. Amen, are two well-known and respected names in funeral service.

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