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  • 3 Myths About Green Burials: A Funeral Director’s Perspective

    3 Myths About Green Burials: A Funeral Director’s Perspective

    In funeral parlance, ‘green burial’ may be the most hyped phrase around. References to this ‘new’ and seemingly popular type of disposition seem to be everywhere these days, particularly in the press. And since we, or a loved one, may be headed in that direction, we might have looked up the subject. Reading those stories…

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  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    By Melissa Johnson Williams Those of us who witnessed the events 56 years ago of President Kennedy’s assassination, remember it vividly. He was so much more than just our President. He was of course a husband, father, son, brother, and friend to many. He was a decorated war hero and an inspiration to generations of…

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  • Rosalia Lombardo

    Rosalia Lombardo

    By Melissa Johnson Williams It was my great pleasure to work on the National Geographic program Italy’s Mystery Mummies. I had the opportunity to work two distinguished anthropologist, one of whom was a living legend at the time. Dario Piombino-Mascali known for his work with the Sicilian mummies made it possible for me to complete…

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  • Extreme Embalming

    Extreme Embalming

    By Melissa Johnson Williams There was a picture that circulated on the internet recently showing a young man posed at his wake in a laid back style.  Many commentators used the phrase “extreme embalming” to describe this supposedly new phenomenon. Most of those commentators know nothing about embalming or its history. If they did they…

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  • The Real Death Deniers

    Perhaps it’s a consequence of being on social media, but barely a day  Perhaps it’s a consequence of being on social media, but barely a day passes that we don’t read some nonsense article, post or tweet about funeral service. Shooting ashes into space, turning cremains into bullets (Seriously, With all the gun violence these…

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  • Funeral Customs

    Funeral Customs

    By Melissa Johnson Williams While browsing for other books about funerals, I happened upon this. I love the description of it from Amazon. All reviewers give it 5 stars. “A funeral is a ceremony marking a person’s death. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead,…

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  • Honoring Memorial Day

    Honoring Memorial Day

    By Melissa Johnson Williams During the early days of the Civil War, it became apparent that there was a need to identify and develop space for cemeteries to honor those who fought for their country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. On July 17, 1862 Congress authorized the President to purchase cemetery grounds “for soldiers who…

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  • When My Yiayia Died

    When My Yiayia Died

      Marjorie Kunch is a funeral director, and writer, based in Arizona. When her grandmother died, Kunch, the mother of two young children, searched for books to answer the questions her two young children had about funeral rituals. Not able to find what she was looking for, Kunch decided to write her own book. Written…

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  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins

    Alexandra Kathryn Mosca, and Doris V. Amen, are two well-known and respected names in funeral service.

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