NYSFDA, Spare Us the TikTok eClips

Lately, the weekly eClips, sent by the NYSFDA, have contained more and more links to embarrassing articles by so-called viral sensations on TiKTok. The most recent article, about a mortuary student who “has lifted the lid” (this expression is gag-inducing) about repairing “injuries on deceased people” with clay (which is not used in actual practice) and wax. Fascinating! (Not!) It’s called restorative art class and has been a staple of mortuary school curriculum for generations. What’s more, there are many funeral directors skilled as restorative artists. Maybe focus on them. Another recent gem was that of a young woman who has a reported 880,000 followers and is bringing “transparency” (a laughable term in a day and age when embalming videos can be seen online) to the industry. That does not translate into having the respect of her peers. Rather, it’s a sad commentary on how many death-obsessed people she has attracted, and how such sensational videos aid and abet their fetish. While we understand that fame is the goal (shallow as it is) of some, we like to believe that our associations are above such vapidness. We’d like to see the focus put on articles about our serious-minded colleagues, who are going about their work with purpose and humility. Such funeral directors throw a positive light on funeral service –rather than make it a laughing stock.

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