Sure, Let’s Dumb it Down Some More

Last spring, the New York State Funeral Directors Association sent licensed NY State funeral directors a survey about creating a new –and unlicensed –position: funeral director’s assistant. When the survey responses were tallied, the results showed a majority against creating such a position. Seemingly, that was not the desired result. So, we were all asked to retake the survey. The first question asked whether or not we are in favor of such a position. Funeral directors unanimously agreed that should have been the one and only question. Instead, numerous “what if the position becomes reality” questions followed. Doesn’t “no” mean “no?” Why the attempt to cajole?

It appears that New York State is pushing for this change. Which seems contrary to an organization whose mission statement reads in part:” ….NYSFDA provides professional services and educational programming to empower, inspire and elevate the state’s funeral services industry and its professionals.”

One has only to peruse social media sites to get a sense of the “death enthusiasts” and morbidly curious who would likely be attracted to such a position. Instead of dumbing down requirements to work in funeral service, we should be increasing them. Without doing so, we are inadvertently making a case for mediocrity.

2 responses to “Sure, Let’s Dumb it Down Some More”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, and I’m not in the funeral service industry in any way. This is a professional service that needs to be done by a professional who has been trained and has some social concept of grieve and how to help others.

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