A recent Twitter post talked about cryonics, saying that advanced medical technologies may allow resuscitation and repair of a frozen body in the future.  In 1985 technicians preserved a body using a modern method of cryo-preservation.  This is a technique using very low temperature freezing; optimally -196º below zero.  The Cryonics Institute (www.cryonics.org) website states they are the largest provider of whole body cryonics. Currently the oldest known person to still be cryo-preserved was performed in 1967. Information provided on their website shows there are 138 “patients” as of July 2016. The cryo-preservation method is also described in detail. There are other organizations that provide cryopreservation services.

Cryo-preservation can be used for pets and other types of DNA and their total membership is 1,898 as of July 2018. The costs are described on the website and you have different service options much like with funerals. A number of famous individuals have chosen cryonics when they died including baseball great Ted Williams and his son. To date no one who has been cryonically preserved has been brought back to life. There continues to be much research into this method of medical science. None of us knows what the future holds so anything could be possible.

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